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What We Offer

At Forfar Education, we offer solutions for schools across the world.

  • Our strategic approach is always long-term: we know that building trust and alignment with school proprietors/governors and their teams is critical to a successful partnership.
  • At the outset, our team takes the time to understand the ethos of the school, its history, its aspirations, and current challenges.
  • Being detail-orientated operational specialists we provide schools with common-sense data-driven education solutions to ensure the continued success and growth of their schools -whether that be as part of the Forfar group or as a client.
  • We are long-term in our approach, always considering the next 50 years, not just the next 5. 

Through our work in enhancing schools, we help to ensure that the next generation of children are provided with the knowledge, confidence and skills needed to navigate an ever-changing world.

Our goal is simple: to build a world-class family of schools that retain their unique identities whilst gaining the many benefits of being part of a larger group.

For many school owners, the decision to seek investment can be difficult. For some, they recognise that it is time to ‘pass on the mantle’ to a new operator. For many others, especially charitable schools, they are beginning to realise that operating schools requires professional full time governance and a team of experts in education on call, something completely out of reach to most standalone schools. With inspections getting stricter and regulations more onerous for many leadership teams, they have become administrators and not the educators they used to be. Forfar frees up management time to focus on what is important – educating children.

“We believe it critical to a school’s success that these partnerships are sensitively handled, those trusting relationships are built, and that the school’s legacy is maintained” John Forsyth - CEO

Having owned and operated more than fifty schools across the globe, we at Forfar Education understand what schools need to continue to thrive, grow and succeed in a constantly changing world.

Every school is unique, and whilst there are fantastic opportunities gained by being part of the Forfar family, parents and pupils choose a school for its individual identity and ethos. Forfar’s approach is to enhance what has made schools great, keep their unique identity and enable the school to do more, better.

If you wish to know more about how becoming part of the Forfar family can help your school move to the next stage of its development, please get in touch. We would be delighted to find out more about your school and how we could help.